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Sineer sineer

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sogaiu / gist:44e69fa39606264b3c3581323640a213
Created Dec 21, 2018
trying arcadia.internal.tracker's track and history functionality
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;; see top of arcadia/internal/tracker.clj for more info on usage
user=> (require '[arcadia.internal.tracker])
;; track a fn (via a var)
user=> (arcadia.internal.tracker/track #'arcadia.internal.leiningen/project-data-loadpath)
;; calling a fn which calls the tracked fn
zg /
Last active Jun 11, 2020
Create FreeBSD virtual machine using qemu. Run the VM using xhyve.


  • Create 10GB FreeBSD image using QEMU.
  • Run the VM using xhyve.
  • Mount host directory.
  • Resize the image.


somebox /
Last active Oct 14, 2020 — forked from foz/
Set up an OSX machine from zero to awesome. Uses Homebrew (and cask, fonts, etc). Focused on Ruby/Rails development, includes rvm, xquartz, editor fonts, sublime text, and many tools.
# A script to set up a new mac. Uses bash, homebrew, etc.
# Focused for ruby/rails development. Includes many utilities and apps:
# - homebrew, rvm, node
# - quicklook plugins, terminal fonts
# - browsers: chrome, firefox
# - dev: iterm2, sublime text, postgres, chrome devtools, etc.
# - team: slack, dropbox, google drive, skype, etc
tylerneylon / call_graph.awk
Created Oct 7, 2014
Parse Lua code and draw its call graph.
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#!/usr/bin/awk -f
# call_graph.awk
# Usage:
# ./call_graph.awk my_program.lua | dot -Tpng > call_graph.png
# This is a script that generates a visual call graph
# for a Lua file. This script only shows calls made
# to functions defined within the input Lua file; that is,
solusipse /
Last active Sep 27, 2020
Postfix + Dovecot + Postgresql + Postfixadmin + Roundcube

Postfix Installer

Following script may be used for configuring complete and secure email server on fresh install of Debian 7. It will probably work on other distributions using apt-get. After minor changes you'll be able to use it on other Linux distros.


  1. Run script.
  2. Configure postgres to allow connections.
  3. Configure postfix admin. Remember to set these:
denvazh / gitlab
Last active Sep 6, 2019
Freebsd port of script to manage gitlab as system service.
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# Written by Denis Vazhenin <>
# This script was ported from Debian/Ubuntu version of start script for Gitlab:
# PROVIDE: gitlab
# KEYWORD: shutdown
jalaziz / graphite.nginx
Created Oct 12, 2012
uWSGI and nginx configuration for Graphite (assumes /opt/graphite/conf/graphite.wsgi.example has been renamed to /opt/graphite/conf/
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server {
listen 8080 default_server deferred;
charset utf-8;
access_log /var/log/nginx/graphite.access.log;
error_log /var/log/nginx/graphite.error.log;
root /opt/graphite/webapp;
location /static/admin/ {
drawks / graphite
Created Feb 14, 2012
Graphite on uwsgi/nginx
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#This is the "site config" for nginx
upstream django {
# Distribute requests to servers based on client IP. This keeps load
# balancing fair but consistent per-client. In this instance we're
# only using one uWGSI worker anyway.
server unix:/tmp/uwsgi.sock;
server {
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