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How to use Sonic Pi Snippets

Sonic Pi has an experimental, undocumented feature to support snippets, which autoexpand with the TAB key.

Here's the issue:

Specifically, Sam's comment:

... [T]o play with it now (with the caveat that it all may drastically change) you just need to create a file with the contents of your snippet with an .sps extension in a directory somewhere on your machine. You might want to create a snippets directory for your own personal snippets. The name of the file doesn't matter. You then load all the snippets in a given directory with:


At the top of the file you'll need to put some metadata telling Sonic Pi when to trigger your snippet and where to leave the cursor.

Here's an example of a complete snippet (from here:

# key: fx r
# point_line: 1
# point_index: 2
# --
with_fx :reverb do


# key: tells Sonic Pi which letters to look for prior to point (the cursor) when tab is hit.
# point_line: tells Sonic Pi which line to place the point on (relative to the snippet). This is 0 indexed
# point_index: tells Sonic Pi which position on the line to place the po I int (also 0 indexed). This is also relative to the snippet.

Some example snippets:

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