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Last active December 11, 2017 22:05
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A simple implementation of a `Maybe` return class in PHP.
class Maybe {
private $value;
private $error;
private function __construct($value, $error) {
$this->value = $value;
$this->error = $error;
public static function fromError($error): Maybe {
return new Maybe(null, $error);
public static function fromValue($value): Maybe {
return new Maybe($value, null);
public function isError(): bool {
return $this->error === null;
public function getError() {
return $this->error;
public function getValue() {
return $this->value;
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nbloomf commented Nov 11, 2017

Should the default constructor be private?

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Hywan commented Nov 13, 2017

Yes, it must.

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