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@sjparkinson sjparkinson/
Created Oct 17, 2016

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import sys
import math
# Auto-generated code below aims at helping you parse
# the standard input according to the problem statement.
mime_types = {}
file_names = []
count_mime_types = int(input()) # Number of elements which make up the association table.
count_file_names = int(input()) # Number of file names to be analyzed.
for i in range(count_mime_types):
extension, value = input().split()
mime_types[extension.lower()] = value
for i in range(count_file_names):
file_name = input()
# There may not be an extension...
if "." in file_name:
# Second value is the extension.
file_extension = file_name.rsplit(".", 1)[1].lower()
# Lookup with a default value.
print(mime_types.get(file_extension, "UNKNOWN"))
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