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skranz / slow_typing.Rmd
Created May 13, 2017
An example Rmd file where editing is very slow in RStudio (Version 1.1.230) on my Windows 8.1 Notebook
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#< ignore_if_included
#< settings
slides: TRUE
rtutor: FALSE
use.whiskers: TRUE
libs: [dplyr, pwt, ggplot2, plotly, tidyr,countrycode, sktools, latex2exp, stargazer]
chunk: armd
#quiz: shinyEventsClicker
clicker.dir: 'D:/libraries/shinyEventsClicker/apps/clickerapp'
skranz / gist:6832705d691ca583a0ef
Created Nov 15, 2015
Example <!–html_preserve–> problem in knit2html
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md.code = '
There are the annoying <!–html_preserve–> lines...
```{r "mychunk"}
textInput("myInput","Enter text","Hello World")
skranz / gist:5f200040b548eef9e889
Last active Aug 29, 2015
RTutor solution file to illustrate error in shiny -> server.r -> decodeMessage -> fromJSON
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# Problemset ErrorTest
## Can replicate a shiny error
## 1. Please save this code as file "ErrorTest_sol.Rmd" in your working directory
## 2. Then install RTutor as explained below
## 3. Adapt the working directory set in the code chunk "create_ps" below to your working directory
## 4. Run manually all the lines of the code chunk "create_ps" below
#< ignore
```{r "create_ps",include=TRUE , eval=TRUE}
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# Install required packages for RTutor from CRAN and Github
# Run this code if you want to install RTutor problem sets on
# Otherwise you can more easily install RTutor via
# install.packages("RTutor",repos = c("",getOption("repos")))
install.rtutor = function(update.cran=FALSE, update.github=TRUE, lib=.libPaths()[1], upgrade="never", force=TRUE,...) {
cat("\nInstall required packages from CRAN...")
# Avoid devtools::install_github warnings converted to errors
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# Tools to make it run
deparse_all <- function(x) {
deparse2 <- function(x) paste(deparse(x, width.cutoff = 500L), collapse = "")
vapply(x, deparse2, FUN.VALUE = character(1))
dt_env <- function(dt, env) {
env <- new.env(parent = env, size = 2L)
env$dt <- dt
skranz / gist:b22b60a83f5c6ab334f7
Created May 16, 2014
mutate with possibility to select rows
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mutate2 = function (.data,.where, ...) {
} =function (.data,.where, ...)
if (!missing(.where)) {
.where = substitute(.where)
dt =
df =,,...,inplace=TRUE))
skranz / modify
Last active Aug 29, 2015
modify, a function that wraps data.table for quick replacement of values in selected rows
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EmptySymbol = function() (quote(f(,)))[[2]] = function(args=NULL,, by=NULL, dat.quote=quote(dt)) {
if (length(args)==1) {
com = call(":=",names(args)[1],args[[1]])
} else {
com =`:=`)),args))
skranz / s_dplyr
Created Mar 21, 2014
Wrappers to dplyr's data modification functions like arrange, select,... that work with string arguments.
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# Helper functions that allow string arguments for dplyr's data modification functions like arrange, select etc.
# Author: Sebastian Kranz
# Examples are below
#' Modified version of dplyr's filter that uses string arguments
#' @export
s_filter = function(.data, ...) {
eval.string.dplyr(.data,"filter", ...)