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Last active Apr 10, 2018

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Room rules for Tamil iOS, Web And PhoneGap Developers.

Room Rules for Tamil iOS, Web And PhoneGap Developers.

1. Don't ask to ask; just ask, and ask only once!

2. If you need help, please describe the issue and post a minimal example of your issue using a sandbox site like Jsfiddle, CodePen, or JSBin. Or simply Paste here or here, then share the URL.

3. Be friendly and be nice to others.

4. Users looking to pick a fight, primarily criticize others, or boast about their own work may be kicked.

5. Marketing kind of posts are restricted here (we love to kick marketers :P)

6. Help vampires who do not improve their behavior will be kicked.

7. Religions, Castes and Politics are off-topic.(That's what, Periyaar taught to us)

8. Speak English! (we don't expect perfect English)

Note : Room Owners (users whose names are Italicized) reserve the right to change these at any point.

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