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Decoding Function C++ source code in 31 lines
//Gets the JPEG size from the array of data passed to the function, file reference:
static char get_jpeg_size(unsigned char* data, unsigned int data_size, unsigned short *width, unsigned short *height) {
//Check for valid JPEG image
int i=0; // Keeps track of the position within the file
if(data[i] == 0xFF && data[i+1] == 0xD8 && data[i+2] == 0xFF && data[i+3] == 0xE0) {
i += 4;
// Check for valid JPEG header (null terminated JFIF)
if(data[i+2] == 'J' && data[i+3] == 'F' && data[i+4] == 'I' && data[i+5] == 'F' && data[i+6] == 0x00) {
//Retrieve the block length of the first block since the first block will not contain the size of file
unsigned short block_length = data[i] * 256 + data[i+1];
while(i<data_size) {
i+=block_length; //Increase the file index to get to the next block
if(i >= data_size) return false; //Check to protect against segmentation faults
if(data[i] != 0xFF) return false; //Check that we are truly at the start of another block
if(data[i+1] == 0xC0) { //0xFFC0 is the "Start of frame" marker which contains the file size
//The structure of the 0xFFC0 block is quite simple [0xFFC0][ushort length][uchar precision][ushort x][ushort y]
*height = data[i+5]*256 + data[i+6];
*width = data[i+7]*256 + data[i+8];
return true;
i+=2; //Skip the block marker
block_length = data[i] * 256 + data[i+1]; //Go to the next block
return false; //If this point is reached then no size was found
}else{ return false; } //Not a valid JFIF string
}else{ return false; } //Not a valid SOI header
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