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Draw a Tennis Court in Racket (in lang #slideshow)
let* ([color "blue"]
[blue (lambda (pict) (colorize pict color))]
[double (blue (filled-rectangle 203 30))]
[base (blue (filled-rectangle 90 133))]
[margin 3]
[doubles (hc-append margin double double)]
[service (blue (filled-rectangle 110 65))]
[services (vc-append margin service service)]
[middle1 (hc-append margin base services)]
[middle2 (hc-append margin services base)]
[middles (hc-append margin middle1 middle2)])
(frame (frame (vc-append margin doubles middles doubles) #:color "white" #:line-width 18) #:color color #:line-width 12))
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