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16:51 sleungcy: I needed to include the polyfill in the end to get function name to work on ie10
16:51 sleungcy: but shouldn't the transformer have dealt with that already? I don't understand why I would stlil need the polyfill
16:53 loganfsmyth: sleungcy: are you saying it works other browsers but not IE10?
16:53 sleungcy: yes (function x(){}).name isn't supported by IE10
16:54 sleungcy: but i thought the transformer-es2015-function-name is for that purpose?
16:54 ljharb: Torkable: vim can read from ./node_modules/.bin/eslint tho
16:54 sleungcy: or is it for something completely different, I wasn't sure if I am thinking right
16:54 ljharb: sleungcy: loganfsmyth: there's always :-D
16:55 ljharb: that shims it in IE 9 - 11
16:55 loganfsmyth: sleungcy: no, `function-name` converts `var foo = function(){}` into `var foo = function foo(){}` so that the function has a name
16:55 sleungcy: ljharb: I want to stick to babel as much as possible, so I dont have many polyfills lying around
16:56 ljharb: sleungcy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ up to you, but having polyfills is a good thing.
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