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minecraftFRIENDZ install steps
Step Zero: First, you need to find your minecraft folder.... which is in the Library folder of your HOME directory. The Library folder is hidden in Lion, so we'll need to use the Terminal window to run some Unix-like commands. Don't worry it's easy. Open the Terminal application which you can find in Applications/Utilities. (You will be using Terminal a bunch if you're running Minecraft mods.... so consider making a short-cut to Terminal in your dock so you can easily launch it next time you need it... just drag the Terminal icon on to the dock).
Typically like this: /Users/{your_MacOS_username_here}/Library
You can find out what your HOME directory is by opening the terminal window and executing the following command:
cd $HOME
Now you should be able to see your Library folder by executing the following command:
And you can go into the Library folder by doing this (assuming you are already in your HOME directory):
cd Library
Now..... you can run 'ls' again and see that there is an 'Application Support' folder there...that's where your minecraft folder is at. Ok... but this Terminal window stuff is confusing... let's just unhide the Library folder so we can do all of this stuff via the Finder. Execute the following command in the Terminal window:
chflags nohidden ~/Library
Now.. .you should be able to open Finder, go into your HOME folder (e.g. click on your MacOS username under Favorites), and now you should see the Library folder. Open that up and you'll see a 'Application Support' folder.... open that up and you'll see your minecraft folder.
If you are confused at this point... watch this YouTube video.
Ok... on to the official step 1
STEP 1) Installing Minecraft Forge (this allows you to install mods)
If you have ModLoader or ModLoaderMP installed, you have to delete them. They are deprecated
If you already have Minecraft Forge installed, goto step 8
1. Download this file
2. Extract all files from downloaded archive to a Minecraft Forge temporary folder
3. Find your minecraft folder that you found in Step Zero above: (Windows Users: Press Win+R, type %AppData%\.minecraft)
4. Go to the "bin" folder
5. Open minecraft.jar file in any program, that can open .zip files (Mac Users: just rename the minecraft.jar file to double click on it and you'll get a new minecraft folder...rename this folder to minecraft.jar...and now open that folder....delete the file as we no longer need it Video on this:
6. Copy all files from the Minecraft Forge temporary folder and add them into minecraft.jar folder (replace all files if asked)
7. Delete META-INF folder from the minecraft.jar folder, close the minecraft.jar folder.
8. Find your minecraft folder again (step 3 helps you)
9. Within the minecraft folder, create folder named "mods" and open it
10. Download this file into "mods" folder
11. Now open minecraft, login, start a game, and you should be able to hit the 'm' key to bring up the minecraftfriendz interface.
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