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const int roleIdScript = 1;
const int roleIdPencils = 2;
r => r.Id,
new Role() { Id = roleIdScript, Name = "Script" },
new Role() { Id = roleIdPencils, Name = "Pencils" }
const int artistIdStanLee = 1;
const int artistIdSteveDitko = 2;
a => a.Id,
new Artist() { Id = artistIdStanLee, Name = "Stan Lee" },
new Artist() { Id = artistIdSteveDitko, Name = "Steve Ditko" }
const int seriesIdSpiderMan = 1;
s => s.Id,
new Series()
Id = seriesIdSpiderMan,
Title = "The Amazing Spider-Man",
Description = "The Amazing Spider-Man (abbreviated as ASM) is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, featuring the adventures of the fictional superhero Spider-Man. Being the mainstream continuity of the franchise, it began publication in 1963 as a monthly periodical and was published continuously, with a brief interruption in 1995, until its relaunch with a new numbering order in 1999. In 2003 the series reverted to the numbering order of the first volume. The title has occasionally been published biweekly, and was published three times a month from 2008 to 2010. A film named after the comic was released July 3, 2012."
var comicBook1 = new ComicBook()
Id = 1,
SeriesId = seriesIdSpiderMan,
IssueNumber = 1,
Description = "As Peter Parker and Aunt May struggle to pay the bills after Uncle Bens death, Spider-Man must try to save a doomed John Jameson from his out of control spacecraft. / Spideys still trying to make ends meet so he decides to try and join the Fantastic Four. When that becomes public knowledge the Chameleon decides to frame Spider-Man and steals missile defense plans disguised as Spidey.",
PublishedOn = new DateTime(1963, 3, 1),
AverageRating = 7.1m
comicBook1.AddArtist(artistIdStanLee, roleIdScript);
comicBook1.AddArtist(artistIdSteveDitko, roleIdPencils);
cb => cb.Id,
var comicBook2 = new ComicBook()
Id = 2,
SeriesId = seriesIdSpiderMan,
IssueNumber = 2,
Description = "The Vulture becomes the city's most feared thief. Spider-Man must find a way to figure out his secrets and defeat this winged menace. / Spider-Man is up against The Tinkerer and a race of aliens who are trying to invade Earth.",
PublishedOn = new DateTime(1963, 5, 1),
AverageRating = 6.8m
comicBook2.AddArtist(artistIdStanLee, roleIdScript);
comicBook2.AddArtist(artistIdSteveDitko, roleIdPencils);
cb => cb.Id,
var comicBook3 = new ComicBook()
Id = 3,
SeriesId = seriesIdSpiderMan,
IssueNumber = 3,
Description = "Spider-Man battles Doctor Octopus and is defeated, he considers himself a failure until the Human Torch gives a speech to his class which inspires him to go in prepared and win the day, leaving Doctor Octopus under arrest. Spider-Man visits the Torch with words of thanks.",
PublishedOn = new DateTime(1963, 7, 1),
AverageRating = 6.9m
comicBook3.AddArtist(artistIdStanLee, roleIdScript);
comicBook3.AddArtist(artistIdSteveDitko, roleIdPencils);
cb => cb.Id,
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