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Lyrics of Twin Peaks by Sleepy Vikings on They Will Find You Here
in a dream it was summer
and i buried my head into
the back of your neck
the sun was high and we were
drinking cold cokes on the front steps
i kept a telescope, i watched the skies for rain
loaded my pistol, promised "nothing ever has
to change"
but august is lovely, lonely, dark and days
and there are miles and miles of secrets
left to keep
i feel the fever coming back again
with it's fever lights blinking warm & red
i'm on the blackest highway in the car
with my dead family
audrey's the fever's coming back again
...i would have
loved you better.
little whiskey in the brown october leaves
the wind don't whisper now. it howls
or screams. i call them ghosts -
maybe you just call them memories -
or maybe you don't think of me
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