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Last active Dec 25, 2015
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How to make a chart of unemployment changes from 2009-2013
unemployment <- read.csv("unemployment.csv")
data_for_2009 <- subset(unemployment, Year == 2009 & Month == 1)
data_for_2013 <- subset(unemployment, Year == 2013 & Month ==7)
data_for_2009 [,c("Area", "Unemployment.Rate")]
data_for_2013[,c("Area", "Unemployment.Rate")]
small_09 <-data_for_2009[,c("Area", "Unemployment.Rate")]
small_13 <-data_for_2013[,c("Area", "Unemployment.Rate")]
names(small_09)[2] <- "u_rate"
names(small_13)[2] <- "u_rate"
merged0913 <-merge(small_09, small_13, by = "Area")
merged0913$diff <-merged0913$u_rate13 - merged0913$u_rate09
sort(merged0913$diff, decreasing = TRUE)
sorted_file <- sort(merged0913$diff, decreasing = TRUE)
max_difference <- max(sorted_file)
subset(merged0913, diff == min(sorted_file))
subset(merged0913, diff == max(sorted_file))
hist(sorted_file, xlab="Change in unemployment rate", ylab="Number of cities", main="Change in Unemployment Rate Across the U.S. (2009-2013", col="blue")
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