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def menu_link(text, target, icon=nil, attributes={})
# Find path
path = target.is_a?(String) ? target : target.path
raise RuntimeError, "Cannot create a link to #{target.inspect} because this target is not outputted (its routing rule returns nil)" if path.nil?
# Check for current page
if @item_rep && @item_rep.path == path
activestr = " class='active'"
activestr = ""
# Handle the icon
iconstr = icon ? "<i class='#{icon}'></i>" : ""
# Join attributes
attributes = attributes.inject('') do |memo, (key, value)|
memo + key.to_s + '="' + h(value) + '" '
# Create link
"<li#{activestr}><a #{attributes}href='#{h path}'>#{iconstr}#{text}</a></li>"
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