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Security Guidelines

  • Use an iDevice

    • Use an iPod or an iPad without a SIM card
    • Use an iPhone
    • Do not jailbreak
  • Use Signal (iOS)

  • Use TextSecure + RedPhone (Android)

  • Android?

    • Do not root your device
    • Use a Nexus (gets latest patches w/o carrier/vendor barrier)
    • Run the latest version, always
    • Don't have a Nexus? Install CyanogenMod (official builds only)
      • Run the latest version, always
  • Use a ChromeBook

  • Using Windows? 10 or 8.1, nothing earlier.

  • Apply patches

  • Use a password manager

  • Use Chrome

  • Do not use Safari

  • Do not use IE

  • Use an ad blocker

  • Disable Flash (on Chrome you can still right click to play)

  • Use a VPN

  • Enable full disk encryption (FDE)

  • Require a password to unlock

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