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Minetest Game content changes in Minetest 0.4.14:
API changes:
- A modding API was added to TNT, which allows mods to easily create explosion effects (red-001)
- A modding API was added to doors, which allows mods to create new doors that are feature-rich (sofar)
- A fence, wall, and fence gate API was added (sofar)
- A give_initial_items API was added (rubenwardy)
- An on_burn() callback was added for fire (red-001)
- A global dye table is now available (paramat)
Interface changes:
- Creative inventory now allows searching for nodes by name and description (kilbith)
Visual/Effect/Audio changes:
- Boat model was cleaned up and re-textured (sofar)
- Animations in the player model were fixed (sofar)
- Water texture alpha and water post effect color were changed (paramat)
- Steel door sounds were added (sofar)
- Fences are now connected node boxes (sofar)
- Mese blocks no longer glow (paramat)
- Flowers will wave when the waving plant shader is enabled (paramat)
- Doors are now made out of a single mesh and not two half nodes (sofar)
- Gravel got a new texture (sofar)
- Grass side textures are now lower (paramat)
- A new heart (health) texture was added (KevDoy)
- Bucket texture improvements (Wouters)
Mapgen/Landscape changes:
- Fallen logs were added (mgv5, mgv7), and mushrooms can grow on them (sofar)
- Grass can grow on sandy beaches and dunes (paramat)
- More flowers will grow in many biomes (paramat)
- Almost all biomes are now richer and more varied (paramat)
- Aspen trees were added to forests (sofar)
- Dirt and sand blobs may appear in sandstone (paramat)
- Dirt will change to grass differently, possibly slower (sofar)
Gameplay changes:
- Several new textures were added by many different contributors (paramat, kilbith, sofar, kevdoy, Craig Davison, Wouters)
- Many mapgen decorations were added and tweaked to make for a richer landscape with mgv7 (paramat)
- Many griefing exploits were fixed (sofar)
- Book interface was entirely rewritten to allow for proper pages and wrapping (kilbith, tenplus1, mt-modder)
- A metal sign was added, as well as a steel ladder (kilbith)
- mushroom spores were removed (sofar)
- a metal (locked) trapdoor was added (sofar)
- books can be copied in the craft grid (sofar
- A new permanent flame node was added, as well as "flint and steel" (paramat, kilbith)
- A new "Aspen" tree was added (sofar)
- A more varied Apple tree schematic was added (paramat)
- Moss can grow on cobblestone if it gets wet (paramat)
- TNT was largely rewritten and has many new effects and behaviors (red-001, sofar)
- Stone walls were added for all cobble stone types (sofar)
- A simple Fence gate was added (sofar)
- Fire was tuned to burn slightly faster (paramat)
- Snow will get flooded by liquids (sofar)
- The boat is now slightly faster (paramat)
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