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Get feature info for each layer - L.TileLayer.BetterWMS.js

Get feature info for each layer - L.TileLayer.BetterWMS.js

showGetFeatureInfo: function(err, latlng, content){
    // alert(this.wmsParams.layers);
    var lyr=this.wmsParams.layers;
    if(lyr=='sinhthai:rung_1980' || lyr=='sinhthai:rung_1990' || lyr=='sinhthai:rung_2000' || lyr=='sinhthai:rung_2010' || lyr=='sinhthai:rung_2018'){
      var res_obj = JSON.parse(content);
      var code=res_obj.features[0].properties.PALETTE_INDEX;
      // raster2info(code,this.wmsParams.layers);
      // console.log(code, raster2info);

        var info=raster2info(code,lyr);
        var info_frm='<h3>'+info['ten']+'</h3>'+'<img src="upload/images/raster_info_rung/'+info['img']+'" width="440" height="280"></img>';
        // Giá trị 9 là background
        var info_frm=''

      var info_frm='';

      L.popup({ maxWidth: 800})
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