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Example module to modify/remove page "addable" permission for pages with level greater than one and basic-page template
* ProcessWire example demonstration module
* Page::addable hook module, once installed will set permission "addable" to false
* for pages using basic-page template and with level greater than 1
class PageAddableHook extends WireData implements Module, ConfigurableModule {
* getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them
* @return array
public static function getModuleInfo() {
return array(
'title' => 'PageAddableHook',
'version' => 1,
'summary' => 'An example module on how to hook into Page::addable page permission hook.',
'href' => '',
'singular' => true,
'autoload' => true,
* Initialize the module
* ProcessWire calls this when the module is loaded. For 'autoload' modules, this will be called
* when ProcessWire's API is ready. As a result, this is a good place to attach hooks.
public function init() {
// hook into page permissions
// note: Page::addable is also added via hook in wire/modules/PagePermissions.module
// that's why you won't find those in wire/core/Page.php
$this->addHookAfter("Page::addable", $this, "hookPageAddable");
public function hookPageAddable($event){
// already don't have add childs permission so we don't need to do anything
if(!$event->return) return;
// get the page, the class in this case is the Page
$page = $event->object;
if($page->template == "basic-page"){
// only allow 2 levels of basic-page
if($page->parents->count() > 1){
// return false to remove "addable" permission
$event->return = false;
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