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Last active Mar 9, 2016

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Why use UTC for DB, APIs, Services... in Switzerland?
  • UTC is best practice
  • DST changes can causes issues with things like opening hours, publication dates on contracts, etc... UTC helps avoid this
  • embrace the pattern: UTC on systems and APIs, TZ display in UI/UX and outputs
  • integrations with partners, 3rd-party services (think Amazon, Google Cloud computing, pub/sub services, filepicker... all will use UTC)
  • you trade "easier to think about" for "subtle bugs and weird test fails" in the future
  • people assuming we're standard UTC like the rest of the world might set up servers/services in CEST and be off by an hour (past example: localina!)
  • someday you will work for a company that does things outside of Switzerland. You should learn this :)
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