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Specgram and Fourier transform for blog post.
from import read, write
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
def plotGraph(data, rate):
"""Plot an amplitude - spectrogram graph."""
norm_data = data.astype('double') / ( 2 ** 15 - 1)
x_axis = np.arange(len(norm_data)) / rate
ax = plt.subplot(311)
plt.plot([2, 2], [0, 22050], 'r-', lw=4)
Pxx, freqs, t, x = plt.specgram(data, NFFT=512, noverlap=0, Fs=rate)
ax = plt.subplot(312)
plt.plot(freqs, list(zip(*Pxx))[88200//512])
ax = plt.subplot(313)
plt.plot(freqs, list(zip(*Pxx))[88200//512])
if __name__ == '__main__':
rate, data = read('out.wav')
plotGraph(data, rate)
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