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Last active Dec 27, 2019
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(ns ola-mundo.tree
(:require [ :as ft]
[ubergraph.core :as uber]
[clojure.string :as string])
(:import ( DoubleList DeepTree EmptyTree SingleTree
Digit1 Digit2 Digit3 Digit4)))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(defn get-value
[o n]
(let [c (class o)
f (.getDeclaredField c n)]
(.get f o)))
(def type->fields
{DoubleList [:tree]
DeepTree [:suf :pre :mid]
SingleTree [:x]
EmptyTree []
Digit1 [:a]
Digit2 [:a :b]
Digit3 [:a :b :c]
Digit4 [:a :b :c :d]})
(defn show
(let [t (type x)
ks (type->fields t)]
(if ks
(into {::type-name (last (string/split (pr-str t)
::fields ks}
(for [k ks]
[k (show (get-value x (name k)))]))
(defn digraph-impl
[[k {::keys [type-name fields]
:as v}]]
(let [kvs (select-keys v fields)
childs (map digraph-impl kvs)
ident (keyword (gensym))]
(cond-> {::ident ident
::nodes (apply merge {ident
{:label (if type-name
(pr-str v))}}
(map ::nodes childs))
::edges (concat (for [child childs]
[ident (::ident child) {:label (::k child)}])
(mapcat ::edges childs))}
k (assoc ::k (name k)))))
(defn digraph
(let [{::keys [nodes edges]} (digraph-impl [nil (show x)])]
(apply uber/digraph
(concat (for [[k v] nodes]
[k v])
(uber/viz-graph (digraph (apply ft/double-list (range 20)))))
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