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BASH: set variables for ANSI text color escape sequences
RESTORE=$(echo -en '\033[0m')
RED=$(echo -en '\033[00;31m')
GREEN=$(echo -en '\033[00;32m')
YELLOW=$(echo -en '\033[00;33m')
BLUE=$(echo -en '\033[00;34m')
MAGENTA=$(echo -en '\033[00;35m')
PURPLE=$(echo -en '\033[00;35m')
CYAN=$(echo -en '\033[00;36m')
LIGHTGRAY=$(echo -en '\033[00;37m')
LRED=$(echo -en '\033[01;31m')
LGREEN=$(echo -en '\033[01;32m')
LYELLOW=$(echo -en '\033[01;33m')
LBLUE=$(echo -en '\033[01;34m')
LMAGENTA=$(echo -en '\033[01;35m')
LPURPLE=$(echo -en '\033[01;35m')
LCYAN=$(echo -en '\033[01;36m')
WHITE=$(echo -en '\033[01;37m')
# Test
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