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Last active Sep 10, 2018
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Google Apps Script to automatically delete mails with a certain label after a certain time


  1. Think of a deletion scheme and create GMail labels accordingly (e.g. I use labels 'todelete/after1week', 'todelete/after1month' and 'todelete/after3months' here)
  2. set up filters in GMail to flag desired mails with these labels
  3. create a Google Apps Script with this script (adapt function names, labels and day offsets appropriatedly) and set up triggers as desired


Make sure you know what your are doing and use at your own risk. I am not responsible for erroneous deletion of your emails.

function gmailAutoDeleteAfter1Week() {
_gmailAutoDelete('todelete/after1week', 7);
function gmailAutoDeleteAfter1Month() {
_gmailAutoDelete('todelete/after1month', 30);
function gmailAutoDeleteAfter3Months() {
_gmailAutoDelete('todelete/after3months', 90);
// Delete Threads with given label, older than given number of days
// Based on:
function _gmailAutoDelete(labelName, minimumAgeInDays) {
Logger.log('Running autodelete for label %s (minimum age in days: %s)', labelName, minimumAgeInDays);
// Threshold for latest message of the thread.
var thresholdDate = new Date();
thresholdDate.setDate(thresholdDate.getDate() - minimumAgeInDays);
Logger.log('Using threshold date %s', thresholdDate);
// Get all the threads with the label.
var label = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName(labelName);
Logger.log('Found label %s', label);
if (label) {
Logger.log('Found label: %s', label.getName());
var batchSize = 100;
var start = 0;
while (true) {
Logger.log('Batch %s %s', start, batchSize);
var threads = label.getThreads(start, batchSize);
if (threads.length < 1) {
Logger.log('No more threads');
var toDelete = threads.filter(function(thread) {
return (thread.getLastMessageDate() < thresholdDate);
Logger.log('Found %s threads to delete', toDelete.length);
// Prepare for next batch
start += batchSize - toDelete.length;

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@simon57nz simon57nz commented Sep 8, 2018

I was taken by your ideas here which followed what I wanted to achieve but I have the following set up to add flexibility:
Instead of your hard coded 1 week, 1 month and 3months I am using the number of days as the second tier label.
e.g. I have labels like "autodelete/7/facebook" and "autodelete/15/linkedin"
so I am labelling my "short life mesages" by category as well as autodelete.

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