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sublime text windows
Parent window id: 0x0 (none)
203 children:
0xaa005ad "Sublime Text": ("sublime_text" "Sublime_text") 299x480+0+51 +0+51
1 child:
0xaa005ae (has no name): () 1x1+-1+-1 +-1+50
0xaa00001 "Sublime Text": ("sublime_text" "Sublime_text") 10x10+10+10 +10+10
0x1803b2f "[i3 con] container around 0x564385937840": ("i3-frame" "i3-frame") 1920x1028+0+22 +0+22
1 child:
0xaa00003 "~/src/factorio/mods/factorio-mod-belt-overflow/control.lua (factorio) - Sublime Text": ("sublime_text" "Sublime_text") 1920x1028+0+0 +0+22
(other children omitted)
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