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Last active Mar 13, 2017
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<img src=\"images/github_logo.png\">
<h1>SIGN UP FORM</h1>
<h3 class="form_item">Sign Up:</h3>
<input id="crud_input_username" class="form_item" type="text" placeholder="UserName"/>
<input id="crud_input_email" class="form_item" type="email" placeholder="Email"/>
<span id="alert_email" role="alert" class="alerts alert_hidden " > Email is Already in use</span>
<input id="crud_input_password" class="form_item" type="password" placeholder="Password"/>
<span id="alert_password" role="alert" class="alerts alert_hidden " > Password is Invalid</span>
<input id="crud_input_password_confirm" class="form_item" type="password" placeholder="Confirm Password"/>
<span id="alert_password_mismatch" role="alert" class="alerts alert_hidden " > Passwords do not match</span>
<span id="alert_blank" role="alert" class="alerts alert_hidden " > Required fields can not be blank</span>
<button id="crud_submit_sign_up" class="form_item" type="button">Sign Up</button>
<p>already on GITCRUD <a id="login_link" href="#">Login now</a></p>
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munashechinyama commented Mar 13, 2017


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