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Obfuscating Batch Files in Windows
If you've ever coded batch malware, or perhaps some cool piece of software using the batch scripts, then this may be useful to you.
Doing this will allow you to make the batch script you're making unreadable in a regular text editor. This includes notepad, VS Code, Notepad++, etc.
It's definitely not a bulletproof way to obfuscate batch files, in fact there is none.
However it will keep regular PC users away from your code.
I do have another method which is much better however I will probably keep that to myself.
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since you can find this on the internet easily anyway, i decided to create this for ya.
I know a lot of ppl wont like this but fuck it, it's ez anyway.
One click batch script download:
Run this whenever you want or put it in your startup folder
(Win+R and type shell:startup)
For all other users, one time easy way to do it, open Regedit
Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved\ or paste that in the address bar.