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// Add your own function to filter the fields
add_filter( 'submit_job_form_fields', 'remove_listify_submit_job_form_fields', 9999 );
// This is your function which takes the fields, modifies them, and returns them
function remove_listify_submit_job_form_fields( $fields ) {
if( ! isset( $fields['job'] ) ) {
return $fields;
// If listing fields fields exist in Job array, remove them
if( isset( $fields['job']['job_hours'] ) ) {
unset( $fields['job']['job_hours']);
if( isset( $fields['job']['featured_image'] ) ) {
unset( $fields['job']['featured_image']);
if( isset( $fields['job']['gallery_images'] ) ) {
unset( $fields['job']['gallery_images']);
// And return the modified fields
return $fields;
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