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Last active Feb 27, 2018
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Anet A6 X-axis belt tensioner

Unobtrusive Anet A6 X-axis belt tensioner

This is a parametric design for an x axis belt tensioner for the Anet A6 3d printer. It has been made with FreeCAD 0.17 daily. The STL data, and some photos can be found at Thingiverse thing:2805572.

The design goal was to create a tensioner which requires the least changes to the original printer.

You will need:

  • this design printed
  • an M3 or M4 bolt of about 55mm length with hex head as a tensioning rod
  • an M3 screw cut to 16mm length (including head)
  • M3 nut
  • the two original idler collar bearings
  • a wing nut matching the tensioning bolt
  • 1.75mm filament of 16mm length for locking the bolt

I used a 55mm long M4 bolt, which required me to enlarge a hole from 3mm to 4mm. You could also keep M3 dimensions, but this would require adjusting the "Spannschraube" (tensioning bolt) parameters in the design. In addition to the tensioning block, there is bifurcated plate which prevents twisting of the rod-pusher plates when adjusting the tensioning screw.

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