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Be careful when feature flags affect any shared mutable state. This for example will cause data loss if the flag value changes during the work:

this.fancyModel = FancyModel.createInitial()
this.rustyModel = RustyModel.createInitial()

async loadData() { 
  let flag = await this.ff.isEnabled('flag');
  let data = await this.fetchData();

  if (flag) {
  } else {

async saveData() {
  let flag = await ff.isEnabled('flag');
  if (flag) {
    await post(this.fancyForm.getData());
  } else {
    await post(this.rustyForm.getData())

If you are unsure if a flag affects shared mutable data, please grab a snapshot at the top-level of the front end module (e.g. at the page level) being affected by the flag.

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