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Setup Mapnik 2.2.0 release candidate for windows 32 bit
  1. First download the one of the two windows packages:
  1. Extract the archive to c:\\mapnik-v2.2.0

  2. Setup environment variables in your shell

    set PATH=c:\mapnik-v2.2.0\lib;%PATH% set PATH=c:\mapnik-v2.2.0\bin;%PATH%

  3. Test the c++ demo

    cd c:\mapnik-v2.2.0\demo\c++ rundemo ....\

  4. Test the python demo

First ensure you have 32 bit python 27 installed. Then do:

set PYTHONPATH=c:\\mapnik-v2.2.0\python\2.7\site-packages;%PYTHONPATH%
set PATH=c:\\Python27;%PATH%
cd c:\\mapnik-v2.2.0\demo\python
  1. If you installed the SDK version with headers (the c:\\mapnik-v2.2.0\include directory will exist), and you have Visual Studio 2010 installed then you can also build apps against the C++ core. To do this follow the instructions for building the c++ rundemo yourself:
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