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WP Author Page based on userextra filer
<?php // display all users with usermeta 'featured_author' checked 'yes'
global $wpdb, $usermeta;
$featured_authors = $wpdb->get_results("
SELECT user.ID, user.user_nicename
FROM $wpdb->users user
// loop through authors
foreach($featured_authors as $featured_author) {
$curauthor = get_userdata( $featured_author->ID );
// select featured authors
$val = $usermeta->get($featured_author->ID, "featured_author", true);
if ($val == 'Yes'){
// featured authors attributes
$name = $curauthor->display_name;
{ ?>
<!-- Author Loop -->
<?php echo get_author_name($featured_author->ID)?>
<?php } } } ?>
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