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@spullara spullara/gist:283255
Created Jan 21, 2010

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If you are testing this web application on a local network, the network
speeds will be so fast you won’t ever see the progress indicator. If you
are using Mac OS X, you can slow all incoming web traffic by typing a
couple of ipfw commands at the terminal. For example, these com-
mands will slow all web traffic to 4 kilobytes per second:
sudo ipfw pipe 1 config bw 4KByte/s
sudo ipfw add 100 pipe 1 tcp from any to me 80
If you are using the Safari desktop browser to view the pages, you’ll need
to use your Mac’s hostname or external IP address in the URL (for ex-
ample, mymac.local rather than localhost). When you’re done testing,
delete the rule with sudo ipfw delete 100 (you can delete all custom
rules with ipfw flush).
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