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Equivalents and Recommendations from "What's the Deal with Behringer?"
- Chromatic Tuner TU300 (whatever)
- CL9 Compressor / Limiter
- UV300 Ultra Vibrato
- UM300 Ultra Metal (soft recommended)
- HM300 Heavy Metal (nearly the same)
- UC200 Ultra Chorus - "dead on"
- TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive (sounds the same to me, JHS didn't say)
- Vintage Tube Overdrive - "pretty dead on"
- SF300 Super Fuzz - "dead on"
Not Recommended or Glossed Over:
- Ultra Tremolo (get the boss)
- UO300 Ultra Octaver (not demoed)
- DR600 Digital Reverb (not similar)
- VD400 Vintage Delay (boss recommended)
- FM600 Filter Machine (different but ok) - EH Q-tron his favorite
- EQ700 Equalizer (not demo'd, soft recommendation, maybe boring?)
- NR300 Noise Supressor (skipped, maybe boring)
- Vintage Tube Monster ("sounds good")
- Vintage Time Machine ("impressive but different")
- CS400 Compressor Sustainer (skipped, too boring?)
- TM300 Tube Amp Modeler (skipped)
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