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var service = require('resto.service');
var pipeline = require('resto.pipeline');
var http = require('resto.httpserver');
var authenticator = require('resto.middleware.authn');
var authorizer = require('resto.middleware.authr');
var resolver = require('resto.middleware.resolver');
var invoker = require('resto.middleware.invoker');
var converter = require('resto.middleware.hal');
//- dsl
var withMany = require('resto.realtionships').hasMany;
var ownedBy = require('resto.realtionships').hasOne;
var whoHas = require('resto.realtionships').hasOne;
//- resources
var farm = require('./resources/farm');
var farmer = require('./resources/farmer');
var appleOrchard = require('./resources/appleOrchard');
var apples = require('./resources/apple');
var appleFarm = service.compose(farm)
// .use(liveupdate)
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