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Google Guava Array Table
package com.putracode.guava.collections;
import java.util.List;
import static com.putracode.guava.Util.*;
* Created by KrisnaPutra on 2/7/2016.
public class GuavaArrayTable {
public static void main(String[] args) {
//Create Row Table
List<Integer> rowsTable= Lists.newArrayList(1,2);
//Create Column Table
List<String> columnsTables=Lists.newArrayList("First Name","Last Name","Age");
//ArrayTable is Fix Rows And Columns
Table<Integer,String,Object> studentTable=ArrayTable.create(rowsTable,columnsTables);
//Row One
studentTable.put(1,"First Name",new String("Krisna"));
studentTable.put(1,"Last Name",new String("Putra"));
studentTable.put(1,"Age",new Integer(28));
//Row Two
studentTable.put(2,"First Name",new String("Dira"));
studentTable.put(2,"Last Name",new String("Safitri"));
studentTable.put(2,"Age",new Integer(25));
printTitle("Google Guava : Arrays Table");
println("Select * from Student Table : "+studentTable);
println("Select * from Student Table Where Row=1 -->"+studentTable.row(1));
println("Select First Name from Student Table where Row=2 -->"+studentTable.get(2,"First Name"));
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