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Use XHGUI and tideways to have number of function calls
Webprofiler has timeline which has the flow of page request and time calculations.
To start debugging for performance start from the index.php before function call and after function call.
Because of that you can get the exact execution time.
You can get the response time in apache server also. There is a possibility the respsonse time would be less but to download the content it might take more time.
Do enable caching at techonolgy specific. Do at PHP level (APC), Mysql Level(Query caching), Memcache, Apache, JS, CSS, Sprite Images, Leverage requests, Check in google page speed.
Doxygen Installation
Install doxygen in ubuntu (
Generate the sample conf file doxygen -g sample_text.conf
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return $this->flood->isAllowed('mobile_number_verification', $this::VERIFY_ATTEMPTS_COUNT, $this::VERIFY_ATTEMPTS_INTERVAL, $this->getCallableNumber($mobile_number));
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