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243059228 தேனாம்பேட்டை
245581303 நாங்குநேரி
from osmapi import OsmApi
import json
import overpy
import csv
import codecs
def utf_8_encoder(unicode_csv_data):
for line in unicode_csv_data:
yield line.encode('utf-8')
myOSMAPI = OsmApi(username="SrikanthLogic", password="*********")
with'/media/data/code/osm-ta/csv-example.csv', 'r', 'utf-8') as csvfile:
myOSMAPI.ChangesetCreate({u"comment": u"Tamil Translation - Indian Cities"})
translation = csv.reader(utf_8_encoder(csvfile),delimiter=',')
for place in translation:
nodeJSON = myOSMAPI.NodeGet(place[0])
if("name:ta" not in nodeJSON["tag"].keys()):
newnodeJSON = {}
newnodeJSON["id"] = nodeJSON["id"]
newnodeJSON["lat"] = nodeJSON["lat"]
newnodeJSON["lon"] = nodeJSON["lon"]
newnodeJSON["tag"] = nodeJSON["tag"]
newnodeJSON["tag"]["name:ta"] = place[1].decode('utf-8')
#newnodeJSON["tag"]["name:ta"] = place[1]
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