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Last active Dec 29, 2021
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Request to Integrate With Alchemy's Flow NFT API

Request to Integrate With Alchemy's Flow NFT API

The Flow team is requesting all Flow Fest partners to submit some sample code and information to the following Alchemy repository similar to the work done for Starly in order to help integration efforts as soon as possible.

Please note that some Flow Fest partners have been integrated as a proof of concept, if your contract is listed in this file, please check the code for your project and ensure the mappings are correct. If they are, there is no further action needed, if not, please follow the instructions below.

Why Integrate?

Flow is parterning with Alchemy to offer a unified solution to fetching NFT metadata given a user's address. They will eventually be powering some of the largest marketplaces and wallets on Flow and will fill the gap of having various different formats of NFT metadata across various projects.

If your project follows the instructions below, your NFT collection will be included as part of the API making your NFTs viewable across the Flow ecosystem for any other dapps that use this Alchemy service. The Flow team will be encouraging all new and existing partners to integrate with Alchemy's API in order to have a more cohesive UX across the ecosystem.

How to Integrate?

You will need to submit a PR to the following repository and follow the instructions listed on the readme.

Once this code has been submitted via PR, Alchemy will add it to their production API and release a new version every week with new projects added.

When will this be live?

We are working with Alchemy and all the partners to get this live as soon as possible.

Can I use this API to get data for other NFT projects on Flow?

Yes! If you are interested in using this API to display your users NFT's, then let us know via Discord and we can connect you directly to Alchemy to get early access.

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briandilley commented Dec 29, 2021

Our company ( deploys a contract for each of our clients/partners. The contract is always named TenantService. This means that there will be many TenantService contracts with NFTs in them on the FLOW blockchain. Based on what I'm looking at here I don't know how this API would ever support more than 1 of our clients.

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