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Internet without internet for schools .Log for creating offline wikipedia powered on Ubuntu.
1WPS(One wikipedia per school) bin file
##Explains all tasks implemented in detail##
== Basic Modification ==
1->Insert cd .Copy image .iso of Lucid Lynx Ubuntu 10.04 on desktop .Open terminal & type
cat /dev/srd0 > /home/wiki/ubuntu.iso
2->Install Ubuntu 10.04 in Virtual environment.Use the package (virtualbox-3.2_3.2.10-66523~Ubuntu~lucid_i386.deb).
3->For installing Kiwix
Mount the shared folder on your system to virtualbox
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:~$ sudo mount -t vboxsf loma /media
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:~$ cd /media
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/media$ cd /home/srish-virtual/Desktop/
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo dpkg -i kiwix_0.9-alpha5_i386.deb //extracting dpkg package on virtual-machine desktop
For installing kiwix perform
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kiwixteam/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kiwix
4->In system->preferences->startup applications ; add kiwix.So that on startup kiwix loaded automatically.(It means user should not click on any menu. much like ATM, when ATM start, it boot its OS and startup application load ATM application)
5-> Now delete the panel (both panels) so that user will not be able to launch any other application by menu.
6->To open the source code of kiwix to change the minimize maximize buttons i.e to remove them completely & set the window size to fullscreen
i.e resizing the window.
alt+f2 .Enter gnome-terminal.Now type :
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/usr/lib/kiwix/chrome/content/main/js$ ls
bookmarks.js gui.js logger_rlz.js tools.js
contentAreaUtils.js logger.js search.js zim.js
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/usr/lib/kiwix/chrome/content/main/js$ gedit gui.js
Necessary changes related with window resizing is done in the following patch of code in js file gui.js
/* Compute position and size of the window */
function configureWindowGeometry(window) {
var width = settings.windowWidth();
var height = settings.windowHeight();
/*var x = (settings.windowX() != undefined) ? settings.windowX() : (screen.width - width) / 2;
var y = (settings.windowY() != undefined) ? settings.windowY() : (screen.height - height) / 2;
var x = 0 ;
var y = 0 ;
window.resizeTo(width, height);
window.moveTo(x, y);
if (settings.windowMaximized()) {
setTimeout('window.maximize();', 1);
Removing fullscreen option from kiwix menu & toolbar button.
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/usr/lib/kiwix/chrome/content/main/js$ cd ..
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/usr/lib/kiwix/chrome/content/main$ ls
about.xul img js main.xul
srish-virtual@srish-virtual-laptop:/usr/lib/kiwix/chrome/content/main$ sudo gedit main.xul
/*Comment the menu item fullscreen & button fullscreen*/
7-> Download SchoolWikipedia ( on your system .Alt+f2.gnome-open /media .
Copy & paste in documents of virtual machine.
8->Choose a good wallpaper.
9-> Install Remastersys to create or form the iso for a cd /DVD.
//add repository to following file
sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list
deb karmic
apt-get install remastersys
10->Remove all unrelated softwares.
11->While booting , it show ubuntu and many other logos. You can replace it by other and making a remix. you may use UCK for this purpose.The script is
shown in git hub account for customization.We enable auto login feature in Ubuntu.
12-> Press Alt+F2 to launch remastersys application.
Create Live backup ISO. At this stage you will get 600MB+2.6GB=3GB (size of ubuntu + school wikipedia)
13-> Done with first stage where you have created Live USB wikipedia. anybody can download it, install it on 4GB usb drive. (using unetbootin) and then connect it with any hardware which can boot usb. now offline wikipedia is ready.
Test speed. how much time it take to boot. generally LiveUSB load on RAM, So you should test, how much time it take on booting because the size is 3GB. But I am not worry about this point because in Kiosk, I will use Harddisk to install the iso image. you can try for installing the iso on hard-disk.
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