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sritchie/apropos.clj Secret

Created Jan 23, 2012
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;; Use clojure.repl/apropos to search for that function that's on the tip of your tongue:
;; -------------------------
;; clojure.repl/apropos
;; ([str-or-pattern])
;; Given a regular expression or stringable thing, return a seq of
;; all definitions in all currently-loaded namespaces that match the
;; str-or-pattern.
user> (use 'clojure.repl)
user> (apropos "future-")
(future-values future-done? future-call future-cancel future-cancelled?)
;; If you're an emacs+SLIME user, Use C-c C-d C-a to get the same
;; effect. In a cascalog project, for example, Running that command
;; and typing "future-" brings up a new buffer with the following:
Function: ([f]) Takes a function of no args and yields a future object that will
Function: ([f]) Cancels the future, if possible.
Function: ([f]) Returns true if future f is cancelled
Function: ([f]) Returns true if future f is done
Function: ([futures]) nil
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