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Script for creating guides in After Effects
var canvas = app.project.activeItem;
var height = canvas.height;
var width = canvas.width;
var canvasSize = [height, width];
// Guide positions (in pixels)
var bleed = 20; // Off canvas
var margin = 40; // Inside margin
function makeGuides() {
// For each axis (horizontal then vertical)
for (var axis = 0; axis < canvasSize.length; axis++) {
// Guides from top to bottom then left to right
var guides = [
-bleed, // top or left off canvas bleed
margin, // top or right margin
canvasSize[axis] / 2, // horizontal or vertical center
canvasSize[axis] + bleed, // bottom or right margin
canvasSize[axis] - margin // bottom or right off canvas bleed
// Make a guide for each position in the list
for (var guide = 0; guide < guides.length; guide++) {
canvas.addGuide(axis, guides[guide]);
// Wrap in an Undo Group to allow undoing and redoing of guides
app.beginUndoGroup('Canvas Guides'); // Message to show for Undo and Redo
makeGuides(); // Make the guides
write('Enjoy your guides!'); // Confirmation message to show in Info Window
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