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BookStack root URI page search via theme functions file
use BookStack\Entities\Models\Page;
use BookStack\Theming\ThemeEvents;
use BookStack\Facades\Theme;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
// This will be the content of the functions.php file you'll have
// after following the getting started instructions here:
Theme::listen(ThemeEvents::WEB_MIDDLEWARE_AFTER, function (Request $request, $response) {
// Ignore if not 404 or a GET response.
if ($response->getStatusCode() !== 404 && $request->getMethod() !== 'GET') {
return $response;
// Get a path and ignore if more than one path segment.
$path = $request->decodedPath();
if (str_contains('/', $path)) {
return $response;
// Find a matching page and redirect to that if existing
// otherwise return the default response.
$page = Page::visible()->where('name', '=', $path)->first();
return $page ? redirect($page->getUrl()) : $response;
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