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using AutoFixture;
using AutoFixture.Xunit2;
using NSubstitute;
using Sitecore.Data;
using Sitecore.Data.Items;
using Sitecore.NSubstituteUtils;
using Xunit;
namespace SitecoreUnitTestingSamples
public class ItemChildrenWithNSubHelper
[Theory, DefaultAutoData]
public void ConfigureChildrenViaNSubstituteHelper(
FakeItem parentFake,
FakeItem child1Fake,
FakeItem child2Fake)
Item parent = parentFake.WithChild(child1Fake).WithChild(child2Fake);
Item child1 = child1Fake.WithName("Getting Started");
Item child2 = child2Fake.WithName("Troubleshooting");
Assert.Same(child1, parent.Children["Getting Started"]);
Assert.Same(child2, parent.Children["Troubleshooting"]);
Assert.Same(parent, child1.Parent);
Assert.Same(parent, child2.Parent);
Assert.Same(parent.ID, child1.ParentID);
Assert.Same(parent.ID, child2.ParentID);
internal class DefaultAutoDataAttribute : AutoDataAttribute
public DefaultAutoDataAttribute()
: base(() => new Fixture()
.Customize(new DatabaseCustomization()))
internal class DatabaseCustomization : ICustomization
public void Customize(IFixture fixture)
fixture.Customize<Database>(x =>
x.FromFactory(() => Substitute.For<Database>())
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