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Last active Apr 29, 2021
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xinput configuration for an old two-button Logitech Marble Mouse
# Setup for comfortable use of an old two-button Logitech Marble Mouse
# via a cheap USB-PS/2 adapter.
# Resulting functionality:
# 1. Pointer acceleration is tweaked to be usable on a three-monitor spread
# 2. Press and hold left button for 300ms to get right-click
# 3. Right mouse button is remapped to middle mouse button
# 4. Holding the right button turns the trackball into a scroll wheel
# 5. Both vertical and horizontal scrolling are enabled
# Sources:
# -
# -
# -
#dev="Logitech USB Trackball" # Logitech Marble Mouse for USB
dev="Barcode Reader" # $1 Chinese USB-PS/2 adapter
# Workaround for the USB mouse/keyboard adapter using the same name for both
# devices:
dev="$(xinput | grep "$dev\s*.*pointer" | sed -r 's/.*id=(\S+)\s+.*/\1/')"
# Aliases to keep what follows concise
we="Evdev Wheel Emulation"
tbe="Evdev Third Button Emulation"
# Enable acceleration so it's easy to use a 4480x1080px desktop
# (Start moving 10 times faster after we hit 6px per 10ms movement speed)
xset mouse 10 6
# Remap so middle-click is on the right of the two buttons
xinput set-button-map "$dev" 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
# Enable Third Button Emulation so Right-Click is press-hold for more than
# 300ms on the left button while moving less than 2px
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$tbe" 1
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$tbe Timeout" 300
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$tbe Button" 2
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$tbe Threshold" 2
# Enable Wheel Emulation on the right button and make it a bit less sensitive
# so it can be comfortably used with things like tab-switching which expect
# detent-by-detent precision
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$we" 1
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$we Button" 3
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$we Inertia" 25
xinput set-prop "$dev" "$we Axes" 6 7 4 5
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