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ssokolow /
Created Jun 24, 2009 — forked from ches/
ches's github alias modified for Linux
# Bash alias to open Github page for project in current working directory.
# Will use the current active branch if it exists remotely, or falls back to master.
alias github='br=$(git branch --contains HEAD | sed -rn "s/^\* //p"); if ! git ls-remote . | grep -q -e "refs/remotes/.*/${br}"; then br="master"; fi; xdg-open $(git config -l | sed -rn "s%remote.origin.url=git(@|://)(|/)(.+/.+).git%https://\2/\4/tree/${br}%p")'
ssokolow /
Created Jun 25, 2009
xkill-style screensaver-disabling which won't leave it disabled by accident
# A simple little script which prompts you to click a window and then disables
# the screensaver until it goes away.
WID=`xwininfo -int | awk '/Window id/ {print $4}'`
xdg-screensaver suspend "$WID"
ssokolow /
Created Jun 25, 2009
How to fake a gtk.RadioToolButton group where you can set all buttons inactive
# PyGTK doesn't let you set_active(False) on all radio buttons.
# You can work around that by adding a button to the group which will never
# be made visible to the user. (Don't add it to any window)
self.zoom_100 = self.wTree.get_widget("zoom_100")
self.zoom_fit = self.wTree.get_widget("zoom_fit")
self.zoom_manual = gtk.RadioToolButton(self.zoom_100)
ssokolow /
Created Jun 25, 2009
How to get the current selection in HTML rather than plaintext
getSelectionHTML = ->
# Everyone but IE supports DOM selections
if window.getSelection
sel = window.getSelection()
# IE Selections (Must come last to avoid messing with Opera)
else if document.selection
return document.selection.createRange().htmlText
# Fail safely
return ""
ssokolow /
Created Jun 25, 2009
Modification of PyGTK's EntryCompletion example with shell-like tab completion.
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Modification of PyGTK's EntryCompletion example with shell-like tab completion.
Tab works normally unless there's content, the cursor is at the end of it,
and nothing is selected, preserving intuitive tab-cycling behaviour in all
reasonable cases while still allowing comfortable tab completion.
(To tab-cycle into a field with content in it and then tab-complete, just press
End before you request completion)
If no completions are found, users may press Tab again to go to the next field.
ssokolow /
Last active Mar 31, 2019
Python boilerplate from which I start all my projects
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""[application description here]"""
__appname__ = "[application name here]"
__author__ = "Stephan Sokolow (deitarion/SSokolow)"
__version__ = "0.0pre0"
__license__ = "GNU GPL 3.0 or later"
import logging
ssokolow / LCDd.conf
Created Nov 3, 2009
LCDd.conf for PCIDEA 20x4 USB LCD
View LCDd.conf
## CrystalFontz packet driver (for CF631, CF633 & CF635) ##
# Select the LCD model [default: 633; legal: 631, 633, 635]
# Select the output device to use [default: /dev/lcd]
ssokolow / pagination_example.sql
Created Dec 23, 2009
Reasonably efficient pagination without OFFSET (SQLite version)
View pagination_example.sql
-- Reasonably efficient pagination without OFFSET
-- SQLite version (Adapted from MS SQL syntax)
-- Source:
SELECT foo, bar, baz, quux FROM table
WHERE oid NOT IN ( SELECT oid FROM table
ssokolow / background-page.html
Created Jun 29, 2010 — forked from romannurik/background-page.html
Simple cross-domain XHR boilerplate for Chrome extensions. Modified to be more useful for POST
View background-page.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="xhrproxy.js"></script>
ssokolow /
Created Jul 28, 2010
Template for custom Distutils commands with dependencies
"""Template for custom Distutils commands with dependencies"""
from distutils.core import Command
commands = {}
from third_party_package import something
class MyCommand(Command):
description = "Use ThirdPartyPackage™ to frob the project source"
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