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eval("\n\nvar arrayOne = [1, 2, 3];\nvar arrayTwo = [4, 5, 6];\nvar mergedArray = [].concat(arrayOne, arrayTwo);\n\nvar _iteratorNormalCompletion = true;\nvar _didIteratorError = false;\nvar _iteratorError = undefined;\n\ntry {\n for (var _iterator = mergedArray[Symbol.iterator](), _step; !(_iteratorNormalCompletion = (_step =; _iteratorNormalCompletion = true) {\n var number = _step.value;\n\n console.log(number);\n }\n} catch (err) {\n _didIteratorError = true;\n _iteratorError = err;\n} finally {\n try {\n if (!_iteratorNormalCompletion && _iterator.return) {\n _iterator.return();\n }\n } finally {\n if (_didIteratorError) {\n throw _iteratorError;\n }\n }\n}\n\n//# sourceURL=webpack:///./src/index.js?");
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