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Last active November 6, 2018 08:09
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export interface Recruitment {
id?: number;
name: string;
type: number;
export interface ApiEndpoint {
'/v1/api/recruitments': { params: null, response: Recruitment[]};
'/v1/api/recruitments/:id': { params: [number], response: Recruitment};
export class RecruitmentService {
fetch<E extends keyof ApiEndpoint>(endpoint: E, ...args: ApiEndpoint[E]['params'][]): Observable<ApiEndpoint[E]['response']> {
return this.http.get<ApiEndpoint[E]['response']>(`${endpoint}${args}`);
export class ListComponent implements OnInit {
public recruitments: Recruitment[];
public recruitment: Recruitment;
ngOnInit() {
const id = 1;
this.recruitmentService.fetch('/v1/api/recruitments').subscribe((response) => this.recruitments = response);
this.recruitmentService.fetch('/v1/api/recruitments', id).subscribe((response) => this.recruitment = response);
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