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NIS Node setup for Local development

All downloads can be found at

Latest version is 0.6.97 & Signature as of this writing, please refer to link above to check for new updates.

Running Node

For Linux

For Windows

Oracle Java version 8 64bit is required

Node 8GB RAM spec

Please change the content inside (runNis)

java -Xms5G -Xmx5G “-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -cp ".:./*:../libs/*" org.nem.deploy.CommonStarter

Node 12GB or more RAM spec (recommended for Exchanges)

java -Xms8G -Xmx8G -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -XX:+PrintGC -Xloggc:"./gc.txt" -cp ".:./*:../libs/*" org.nem.deploy.CommonStarter

To enable transaction hash search. goto: nis/ Search nis.transactionHashRetentionTime and set it to -1

Bootstrap DB for NEM Blockchain

  • Mainnet
  • Testnet
  • Again, please check for latest snapshot from link above
  • Unzip and move nis5_mainnet.h2.db file to ~/nem/nis/data/(Linux) or <UserFolder>\nem\nis\data\(Windows)

Check Node Status Using this API path check on your node sync status. Using this API path check on your block height.

Recommended for exchanges, this set of APIs will get blocks from the chain.
To get transaction hash directly if nis.transactionHashRetentionTime is set as mentioned above, use /transaction/get?hash=<hash>

You can always use public node to cross check with the information. Public node Testnet node Testnet Nodes Mainnet Nodes

Configure to Testnet node

Go to nis/ Search and change it to testnet

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